IT Outsourcing

LeaseDimensions provides scalable IT Outsourcing to clients who want access to leading-edge lease and loan processing systems, but prefer outsourcing the acquisition and administration costs.
With in-depth experience in creating technology and transaction processing solutions, LeaseDimensions brings a wealth of knowledge to help emerging companies grow their businesses. This model combines LeaseDimensions capabilities in IT Outsourcing and McCue Systems’ industry-leading LeasePak™ lease and loan management system in a scalable-hosted systems model. LeaseDimensions’ state-of-the-art data center and IT staff, with over 80 years of combined experience in supporting daily LeasePak operations, means strong advantages for clients. These include:
  • Access to lease administration tools used by leading companies
  • Access to an expertly managed leasing system
  • Leverage of our state-of-the-art IT infrastructure
  • Ability to focus on core products and services
  • Elimination of permanent software licensing costs
  • Elimination of fixed equipment costs
  • Elimination of fixed IT personnel expenses

Scalable Solutions for Servicing

  • LeaseDimensions Online Designed for emerging companies that need the robust capabilities of the basic LeasePak platform in a PC-based price range. Price is customized on a per-user-basis to meet each client’s unique portfolio growth.
  • Customized Hosting Solution For larger organizations with substantial portfolios in a mature growth pattern. This solution allows the client to outsource the heavy resource requirements it takes to maintain a sophisticated platform that adapts to a rapidly changing portfolio size, contract structures and funding options.

Daily Operations

Our LeasePak experts provide IT Outsourcing clients the following daily services and support for their remote site users. These include:
  • Systems and database administration
  • Network monitoring
  • Daily, monthly and yearly end-of-period processing
  • Daily data back-ups
  • LeasePak upgrades and maintenance
  • Vertex tax rates updates
  • Scheduled invoicing runs
  • Daily report generation
Our outsourcing model was designed to make the technology solution seamless for an organization whether it’s for 5 users or 50 users. No one else offers the same powerful combination of robust technology, IT staff skill set and depth of both technology and industry expertise. We now provide a truly unique value proposition by competing with PC-based systems costs. Eric M. Zumwalt Tech Analyst